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Granma / Playa las Coloradas

(CW 2001)

This is the place where the Granma landed with Fidel Castro and 82 revolutionaries aboard on December 2, 1956. Fidel and his men came back to Cuba to fight against the government of Batista and start the Cuban Revolution. The disembarkation of the Granma was disastrous. In Allegria de Pio the men had their first clash with batista's army. Only 23 men survived and managed to escape to the mountains of the Sierra Maestra. An important supporter of the group was Celia Sanchez, the M-26-7 underground leader in Manzanillo. 


At the site you can find a copy of the Granma. The original Granma you can see in Havana in Pavillon Granma. There is also  a small museum with portraits of the 82 men and a map of the route the Granma made from Mexico to Cuba. A boardwalk of 2.5 kilometer through the swamps will bring you to the exact location where the Granma landed. If you are walking through the swamps you can understand a little about the difficulties the revolutionaries had to overcome.

More info:

The monument and museum of "Playa las Coloradas"

Fidel Castro commemorating the 45th anniversary of the landing of the Granma

The route  of the Granma from Mexico to Cuba

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The place where the Granma landed.
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The boardwalk through the mangroves and swamps to the mainland of Cuba. The boardwalk has been made to facilitate visitors.
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The farm house where the guerillas gathered in 1956 and the farm house now.
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